JUNIPER RISING self-titled cassette released on Burger Records in 2013 was the first release by Juniper Rising. It was recorded in the home studio of Erin Christina Campbell and featured our original bass player, Andrew. Diana Potakh wrote poetry that I transcribed into lyrics and melody.

AMERICAN SUN 7", 2013 was a pysch punk 3 piece consisting of Diana Potakh Casey on drums, Jess Poplawski on bass and vocals, and myself on electric guitar and vocals. The album art photograph was taken by Kevin Faulkner. We also made a self-titled cassette, recorded on 8 track by Mark Perro, but the recordings only exist on the cassette. It includes a cover of 'Fortunate Sun' by CCR.

MISS YOU SISTER, 2010 the second cassette made by my first band ever, Feather and Folly. My bandmate and Parsons classmate, Julia Hermannsdottir, illustrated the album art. We would rehearse in my Parsons studio space since all our instruments were acoustic. We played Iceland Airwaves Festival 2013.

SHRINE TO PLEASANT, 2009 was Feather and Folly's first cassette, a complilation of our bandcamp recordings with founding member and Parsons classmate Toby Liebowitz. You can imagine how precious this cassette is to me! No tracks exist online.