THE WOMAN ON THE BEACH music video, 2019 directed by Nikki Belfiglio and produced by me, was a big undertaking of conceptual design. We worked together for many months, preparing the shot lists and logistics. I lived in her apartment for a few months while her band was on tour to build the sets in her livingroom. Joe Wakeman did lighting design and also helped me build the set. Makeup artistry by Kathryn Shearing.

THE GRAND FINALE, 2019 is a music video I made for The Grand Finale track on The Woman On The Beach concept album that documents me cutting off all my hair. The lyrics intertwine with the action- analysing my experience as a female musician. I love it when a minimalism approach and aesthetic can speak volumes.

RHONDA, 2018, directed by Joe Wakeman, for a song on an unreleased 'Holly Overton with Midnight People' album, was filmed on my homeland of The Outer Banks, NC. We all caravanned to perform a concert and film the video on natural locations with my home friends.

LIVING WITHOUT YOU, 2017, directed by Nikki Belfiglio for the track on 'Holly Overton with Midnight People's' album EVERY NEW DAY, acts as a haunting time capsule- a moody and literal translation of the lyrics.

THE SPLIT, 2016 is the music video for the title track off my second solo EP, starring my Sister, Heather Overton. It is filmed on Bodie Island, NC. It is filmed by local filmmaker and musician, John Bliven. Heather is the subject of many of my videos and paintings.

MIDNIGHT SUN, 2015 was filmed on Jockeys Ridge in Nags Head, NC by John Bliven, for the single off my self-titled solo EP. It stars childhood friends Hannah Bunn West and Charlie Ulmer.

BUILT A FIRE is a music video MPHO made in Mark's apartment in 2015. Again, I love minimalism- it's like cutting off some of your senses so just the music can sink it.

DAYS ON FIRE, 2015 by MPHO is the music video I made in the dunes of Fort Tilden Beach, Queens with Baltimore artist Rachael London. Vaguely insinuating ritualistic practices, it was all improvised and I had fun editing it.

WANDERIN', 2014 is the music video for the single off Juniper Rising's (my former band) album, DAY OF DAYS. I filmed it on Super8 in my hometown of Nags Head, NC starring drummer Josh Martier, artist Katie Fuller, and my costume designer Sister, Heather Overton. I really enjoyed this medium of expression- working within the limitations of super8 creates resourceful results.

DAY DREAM FOR A FRIEND is the super8 music video I filmed and edited for the single off my former band Juniper Rising's self-titled EP, released on cassette on Burger Records. I filmed it in Asheville, NC while my Sister was living there, and also in my hometown of Nags Head, NC.